Mixed Case of 12 -Unique Meads from our Collection

Mixed Case of 12 -Unique Meads from our Collection

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2 bottles of each of these unique Meads -Harvest Melomel, Wicked Mistress, Solstice Metheglin, Kilt Twister, Original Sin Cyser, Vintage Sac.

Harvest Melomel - Rosé Wine Style Mead -made with Marionberry, Loganberry, Gooseberry, and Wildflower Honey from our farm.  Crisp and dry with a soft honey finish.

Wicked Mistress - Pinot Noir Style Mead - made with Marionberry, Wildflower Honey, a little spice, and aged in French oak barrels.  Crisp and dry with a long soft finish.  

Solstice Metheglin -Honey Ginger Spice Mead - made with honey, ginger, and a blend of spices then aged in French oak.  Crisp and clean on the finish, this mead is like nothing you've ever had if you've never had mead.  

Kilt Twister Mead - Based on an ancient Pictish recipe, this mead is made with fresh hops, heather, and honey from our farm.  Dry and still like a wine but with  craft beer like flavours due to the light hops.

Original Sin Cyser Mead - Somewhere between a dry white wine and a still cider.  This mead is made with a blend of apples and quince and Wildflower honey from our farm.

Vintage Sac- Think white port or honey port.  This mead is made with three local honeys blended into a sweet mead that is aged in French oak for 1 year and then fortified with distilled mead.  If you like ports and sherrys, you must try this mead!


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