Harvest Melomel - Rose Style, Honey Berry Mead

Harvest Melomel Mead

Harvest Melomel - Rose Style, Honey Berry Mead

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Past Silver Medal Winner, Northwest Wine Summit

750 ml /26 oz 11.5% alc / vol PH 3.4 RS 0 degrees brix 221 cases

Fruit Source - Marionberry, Loganberry, Gooseberry, and wildflower honey

This off-dry mead is made with Wildflower Honey and a blend of berries from our farm. Clean and crisp with a distinct fruity palate, it finishes with a soft whisper of honey.  Our current vintage has a small amount of dark honey added.  This give a buttery, finish with a bit of grain on it.

Pairings: Wild BC salmon, cream pastas, fowl, seafood, or your favourite cheeses.

The Melomel Story

Melomel was the mainstay of ancient agricultural communities, their festivals, and traditions long before the cultivation of grapes and barley. Honey was extracted by squeezing honeycomb by hand. This left a big mess of wax and honey. The wax and honey was put into a vat with any seasonal fruit leftover from the Harvest and water and was allowed to ferment naturally. This might have helped to keep people more comfortable throughout winter. It was also discovered that by adding fruit to the mead, the fermentation would be stronger often leading to higher alcohol.

In keeping with this history our Harvest Melomel is made with our own local honey and the berries that grow on the farm. It is clean fermented in stainless steel and is meant to be consumed within two years of release.

Many people struggle with how to pair meads with foods. In our case, this is easy. Our meads are more wine like and tend to be on the dryer side. Most popular with the holiday meal are either Melomel or Metheglin.  All our dry meads pair easily with poultry, fish, and cheeses.

MELOMEL is a fruit meads and pair well with spicy foods, seafood, poultry, and cream pasta. Our HARVEST MELOMEL is a berry fruit mead with a crisp acidity that makes it excellent with many foods. It is difficult to pair most fruit meads with red meat and our WICKED MISTRESS MELOMEL pairs well with pork, lamb, and lighter red meats. It gets paired with smoked meats and cheeses as well by many restaurants.

METHEGLIN is a straight honey mead with spice or herbs. Our SOLSTICE METHEGLIN is made with ginger and spice. It pairs well with the whole festive turkey meal at holidays but is surprisingly versatile. It is excellent with spicy foods because there is enough sweetness to hold up to the spice. The ginger makes it a nice pairing for salmon and other seafoods or Asian and Indian cuisine. It is one of the few beverages that is nice with either sweet or spicy curries. Our KILT TWISTER MEAD is made with fresh hops and heather from our farm.  It is dry and still and pairs well anywhere you would put a nice craft beer.

CISER is a cider made with honey but also a mead made with apples.  Our ORIGINAL SIN CYSER MEAD is made with a blend of apples and quince from our farm.  It is dry and still like wine but has a refreshing cider taste.  It pairs well with Curry, Pork, and is excellent on the patio with summer BBQ.

SAC MEAD or sweet mead is very good with dessert . Our VINTAGE SAC is a sweet mead that pairs especially well with creamy desserts but is also excellent with fruit and cheese. It is fortified and is therefore somewhat similar to a white port. Our MAD MARION is similar to a very smooth tawny port with berry top notes.  It pairs well with chocolate desserts, cheese plates, or as an aperitif.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ken Burroughs

I tried your Harvest Melomel, Sin Cyser, & Wicked Mistress meads and they were all amazing.

Jacob Ewert
Great meal pairing

I quite enjoyed this bottle paired with all sorts of things. I had it with Asian foods, fish, red meat, chicken and even as a side to salads and burgers. This mead pairs wonderfully with so many things and has a very unique flavor to it. It has a dry nutty flavor to it which goes great with many meals.

Michael Moore
Ruddy great job guys!

Wow. Just wow. I'd had the 2016 and I remembered it fondly (tho with no real specific memories) but I bought the 2019 @ Vessels Liquors and am blown away.

I'm quite fond of wine and craft beer and I am amazed at how complex the mead was. Really outstanding. The residual honeyed sweetness makes this a dessert wine in my books, but it's def got the body and profile to go well with sweeter foods and would certainly compare well with a few Sauternes or Barsacs I've had but with the extra challenge of "funk" it has on the back end (which I quite like).

I'm going to save a bit for my fellow-vinophile coworker and will buy another bottle to age for "special" dinners come Xmas (assuming Covid lets us).

Ruddy great job, guys.