Our Philosophy

Our business was born from a passion for bees - they are the central focus of our business.
Without their success, we would not have honey. Without honey there is no mead.

We make small batches of hand crafted mead (honey wine) from local berries, mostly from our farm. Our honey comes from a 20 km circumference of our farm.
Tugwell Creek Honey Farm & Meadery | The History of Mead
The core philosophy that all of this comes from is our passion for and the sustainability of our environment. Instead of keeping bees on large monocultural crops, we put our bees on wild forage where they get a complete diet that is considered the most healthy thing for the bees.
Tugwell Creek Honey Farm & Meadery | Meet our Beekeeper Bob Liptrot
Our products are local so that we can control all aspects of our production. We are fanatical about quality and choose to stay small and local. All our ingredients are local.