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8750 West Coast Road, Sooke
Tel: 250.642.1956

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meadbottlesSooke’s the Place to Quench a Need for Mead

by Garth Eichel, Victoria Times Colonist – Thursday, May 26, 2011

It’s remarkable to consider that over several millennia, humans have tried ingesting just about everything in the pursuit of sustenance or bliss. More often than not, experimentation ends in disappointment, if not sickness or death. But every now and again the outcome is wonderful. Just imagine, then, the reaction of the first prehistoric brute to guzzle fermented honey water -what we now know as mead.

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Location & Hours
Tugwell Creek Honey Farm & Meadery
8750 West Coast Road Sooke, BC V9Z 1H2
Tel: (250) 642-1956
Email: [email protected]

Tasting Room Hours
Open for Curbside Pick-Up 
Fridays 12-6pm, Saturdays 12 to 5pm

Trade Contact
Regional Agent Lower Mainland, Whistler & Sunshine Coast
Richard Massey: [email protected]
Tel: 604-454-4046