Solstice Metheglin Mead

Solstice Metheglin - Ginger Spiced Mead

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Past Silver Medal Winner, Northwest Wine Summit

750 ml / 26 oz 11.5% alc / vol PH 3.1 RS 5 degrees brix Fruit Source – Wildflower honey, ginger root, and spice,-no fruit- barrel-aged in French oak, light effervescence

This ancient mead style descends from the many generations that created their own secret recipes. Wildflower Honey and a blend of spices are added to pure water and fermented with special yeast. Aged in French Oak barrels, this off-dry mead makes an excellent dinner wine to serve with fowl, fish, or spicy foods.

Pairings: Spicy Asian cuisine, seafood, or poultry.

The Story:

Solstice Metheglin is a King’s Style of Mead from the Middle Ages. The addition of spices to mead was something only the wealthy could afford to do but it helped to improve the flavour of the mead as recipes often called for moat water. The word Metheglin is where the word medicine comes from. The name is derived from the Welsh word (Meddygllyn), (Meddyg) meant healing and (llyn) meant liquor. In Eastern Europe, Metheglyns are still heavily infused with herbs and drunk as a health tonique.

Our Solstice Metheglyn is infused with a blend of Caribbean spice and Ginger and aged in French Oak. We produce it purely for pleasure but you can tell yourself whatever you like!

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