Kilt Twister Mead

Kilt Twister -Hopped Heather Craft Beer Style Mead

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First bottling spring 2018

750ml / 26oz 10% alc/vol RS.5 degrees brix 70 cases Fruit Source – Hops, Heather, Honey

Kilt Twister is born from the tales of an ancient Pictish Mead / Ale. The Picts were an ancient people who predated the Kelts in what is now the Highlands of Scotland. These people lived off the land dwelling in caves and brewed their famous mead from Honey / Heather and later added Hops to preserve it.

Fresh Heather and Hops, grown here on the farm, are added to pure water and Wildflower honey to create this dry, beer like mead.

Pairings: Spicy Asian, Indian foods, Sushi  or a good old burger and fries.

Kilt Twister Extra Information - lots of history here!

From Scottish Dictionary

“The Picts some awful grand drink they cat Heather Ale from Heather and some other unknown fog”

From Bonny Bells of Heather"They brewed a drink longsne,Was sweeter far than honey;Was stronger far than wine, They brewed it and they drank it, And lay in a blessed swoon; For days and days together, In their dwellings underground"

R.L. Stevenson

There is an ancient Legend that goes something like this….

The Picts brewed a mead that was famed for It's flavour but even more for It's ability to give strength and bravery for war. The Kelts wanted this recipe very badly. After the Kelts attacked the Picts there were only two Picts left. A great Pict warrior and his young son. The King of the Kelts told the warrior that if he gave him the recipe he would not kill his son. Unknown to the warrior his son was already dead. The warrior said to the King, let us walk together and discuss this more. As they walked to the edge of a high cliff, the Pict Warrior hurled himself and the Keltic King with him over the cliff and the recipe was lost forever.

Reawakening man’s oldest fermented beverage…..

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