Apple Mead Hot Toddy

Apple Mead Hot Toddy with Solstice Metheglin Mead from Tugwell Creek Honey Farm and Meadery in Sooke

Like a warm hug on a cold winter night!

As the weather outside gets colder we turn to this classic hot drink to feel warm and cosy inside.  Origin stories of the Hot Toddy stem from British controlled India in the 1600's.  "Taddy" is a Hindi word that evolved to mean a beverage made with hot water, sugar, and spices.  By the mid 19th century the Hot Toddy had become a "cure" for the common cold in North America.  Articles from newspapers at the time suggest feeding someone who is unwell lots of good food and plying them with hot drinks.  The Hot Toddy being the best choice.  We make no claims on any miraculous cures here but it sure does help you forget the cold outside!

This recipe is made with our own fresh pressed apple juice from the farm.  It comes from a blend of over 15 apples.  An organic or farm fresh cider makes a big difference in the final drink.  We have also used our  Solstice Metheglin Mead Spiced Honey Mead.  It is made with Ginger and a mix of Carribean spices.  These come through nicely in the finished drink.   Metheglin was known historically to be medicinal.  Medi glynn meant healing wine in ancient times.  Finally, we use our own Fireweed Honey.  Honey is very soothing and our Fireweed Honey adds a touch of floral sweetness that is more complex (and good for you)  than sugar.  Ingredients make all the difference in this cold weather cure..


4 oz of unsweetened, pure apple cider

1 tsp lemon juice

2 tsp Fireweed honey

1 cinamon stick

1/4 cup Solstice Metheglin Mead

-Combine all ingredients in a small pot, bring to a boil then simmer for 1 minute.  Serve in a glass mug or other heat tolerant glassware.  Garnish as desired.