Mead is the fermentation of honey.  As it is man’s oldest fermented beverage, it comes in many forms and weaves its way through many chapters of history.  Metheglin is a variety of Mead.  Metheglin means honey wine with spices and/ or herbs.  The name comes from two ancient Welsh words Meddyg- which means healing and Lllyn- which means liquor.   In Eastern Europe Metheglin Meads are often Medicinal, heavily infused with herbs, and in some cases are sold in pharmacies.  



Metheglin was frequently drunk by Romans with Julius Caesar using it to preserve his personal vigor and keenness of mind.  Middle Ages courtier Sir Kenelm Digbie claimed that metheglin was excellent for everything from colds to consumption and included over 89 different recipes for Metheglin in his cookbook.  More often than not it was only Kings and the very wealthy who could afford to have Metheglin.  Spices were very precious as they came by ship from the far east. Mead was often fermented with moat water from the castle and if you could afford spices you would add them to disguise the off tastes of the moat water in your mead.  Sanitation was not well understood in the middle ages.  People just knew that if you drank something fermented, you would not get sick.  As agriculture progressed and more hops and barley were farmed, beer became the drink of the commoner and Mead became more and more the drink of Kings.  Even today, Queen Elizabeth has her own Metheglin Mead recipe which is much sweeter than we produce.  


Here at Tugwell Creek Meadery, we produce 


Solstice Metheglin with our own mineral rich water, Honey, Ginger and a special mix of old world spices.  Our recipe is a traditional old family one.  It is crisp and medium dry on the palate and wonderful with fish or poultry.  It pairs especially well with Asian and Indian cuisine.  You can purchase it in our ONLINE STORE