What is Cyser? A Mead or a Cider?

Mead is man’s oldest beverage.  The fermentation of honey and water happens naturally as there is enough yeast in honey to cause a fermentation when water is added.  Early documented evidence suggests that a fermented honey beverage was drunk in India some 4000 years ago. The ancient Greeks called Mead ambrosia or nectar and considered it the drink of gods. They believed it descended from the Heavens as dew, before the bees gathered it.


A modern take on man’s oldest fermented beverage.  Cyser is both Mead made with apples and Cider made with honey.  Sometimes the honey is fermented with the apple juice and other times a Cider is made and is back sweetened with honey.  Both beverages are referred to as Cyser but the taste of each is quite different.  When the honey is fermented in it shows more in a soft, perfumed finish that turns brandy like with ageing.  A back sweetened Cyser has more honey taste up front and a shorter, simpler finish.  The amount of honey in Cyser varies depending on how dry it is and how high the finished alcohol content is.  You can find different forms of Cyser at Cideries and Meaderies.  They can be dry or sweet, effervescent or still, and are occasionally fortified.  Sometimes other fruits are blended in to enhance the flavour.


At Tugwell Creek Honey Farm and Meadery we use our own blend of apples grown right here on the farm.  We have a blend of heirloom, cider, and eating apples.  We also use our own Quince to make our Original Sin Apple Quince Cyser Mead.  The name comes from the ancient Garden of Eden.  Modern day historians debate weather Adam and Eve were eating apple or quince in the garden.  Quince predates Apple by several thousand years...


Original Sin Apple Quince Cyser Mead is dry and still like a white wine but with a cider flavour.  It has a soft floral perfume on the finish that comes from our Wildflower Honey.  This Cyser will age for up to five years and develop a complex, brandy finish as it ages.  It is a perfect pairing for summer patio BBQ or cozy winter curries.  It is always good with fish or poultry.  PURCHASE OUR CYSER MEAD HERE