The Mystery of the Missing Bees

The Mystery of the Missing Bees

by Susan Hauser, Northwest Palate – September/ October 2008

B.C. Beekeeper Optimistic Despite Losses

Bob Liptrot’s beehives dot 12 oceanside acres west of Victoria on Vancouver Island. This is Tugwell Creek Honey Farm. Since 2003 its been a meadery, as well, producing up to 12,000 bottles of honey wine each year.Liptrot says after learning beekeeping from his neighbor as a boy, his innate curiosity led him eventually to a Master’s degree in Apicultural Sciences from Simon Fraser University.

During the summer, people stop by Liptrot’s tasting room to sample the variety of meads he makes from his own honey. Invariable, the subject of colony collapse disorder comes up. Between sips, visitors can get an education.

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