Pairing Tugwell Creek’s Meads

Pairing Tugwell Creek’s Meads

by IdeaZone

Many people struggle with how to pair meads with foods. In our case, this is easy. Our meads are more wine like and tend to be on the dryer side. Most popular with the holiday meal are either Melomel or Metheglin.

MELOMEL is a fruit meads and pair well with spicy foods, seafood, poultry, and cream pasta. Our HARVEST MELOMEL is a berry fruit mead with a crisp acidity that makes it excellent with many foods. It is difficult to pair most fruit meads with red meat and tomato but we have created our KICKASS CURRANT MELOMEL to go with these foods. It gets paired with smoked meats and cheeses as well by many restaurants.

METHEGLIN is a straight honey mead with spice or herbs. Ours is made with ginger and spice. It pairs well with the whole festive turkey meal at holidays but is surprisingly versatile. It is excellent with spicy foods because there is enough sweetness to hold up to the spice. The ginger makes it a nice pairing for salmon and other seafoods. It is one of the few beverages that is nice with either sweet or spicy curries.

SAC MEAD or sweet mead is very good with dessert . Our VINTAGE SAC is a sweet mead that pairs especially well with creamy desserts but is also excellent with fruit and chocolate based deserts. It is fortified and is therefore somewhat similar to a white port.

ACERGLYN We have produced a very small batch of 12 year old Acerglyn for christmas 2011. This is only available at our tasting room but we should still cover pairing it! This style of Acerglyn is to be enjoyed after a meal just as you might enjoy a scotch or cognac. It is complex, sweet, and might make you contemplate its history!