Mead - The Elixer of Viking Romance

Mead- The Elixir of Viking Romance

Nordic history is resplendent with stories about the origin of mead and how their gods came to enjoy it. Long considered an elixir of love, courage and strength the Nordic Sagas of old tell tales of how gods and mortals alike used it to their advantage.

Stories tell of gods giving goddesses cups of mead in hopes of warming their hearts and their bodies to their advances of love.

Odin was chief of the mythical Norse gods.  He loved mead so much that he is said to have stolen the world’s first mead. Gunlod, the Giantess daughter of Suttung, was guarding it in a hollowed-out mountain. Odin hears that Suttung is bragging about a mead made from Kvasir's blood, and decides to return his friend's essence to Asgard by stealing the mead.  

The poet Kvasir, according to legend, was the first mortal man.  He had been cruelly slain by dwarves. It was believed that whoever drank of this special brew would receive the gift of poetry and the most beautiful of singing voices. Both of these gifts would be very useful in seducing a lover.  Odin convinces the Giantess to let him have a mere sip of mead in exchange for a night of lovemaking. When the long night had ended.  it came time for Odin to take his sip and he swallowed all of the mead! He then turned into an eagle and fled home to Asgard. As he fled from Gunlod’s lair with her father in hot pursuit, some drops of mead slipped from his mouth and landed on the earth below. These drops bore psychoactive mushrooms which helped poets gain their inspiration. Odin was able to make it back home.  He regurgitated the mead for all the Aesir to benefit from. 

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