How weather affects honey and the taste of new vintages

Did you know that each vintage of honey is unique?  Every year the bees can forage in exactly the same area and yet, depending on what the weather does, they will forage more our less on certain flowers.  The outcome of this determines the taste of the nectar that is ultimately turned into honey by the bees.  As a mead maker I find this fascinating.  This season you will notice that our Kilt Twister and Solstice Meads have a unique finish; spicier with a hint of almonds due to a change in weather. This is a great opportunity to retaste your favorite meads as they are slightly different from previous vintages this season.  

For a limited time, we have a Solstice Giftpack available in our tasting room should you want to compare two vintages side by side.  You can taste the Kilt Twister on tap at Sooke Brewing or try a bottle from our tasting room or retailers.  Come visit our tasting room starting February 2nd to see for yourself.

Meadmaker, Bob Liptrot